Your intervention with our company was an absolute plus!! Working in small groups And with the regions, who did not know each other, gave us an opportunity to get to know Each other and understand one another better. We all have a better understanding of how Attitudes affect our working and personal lives. Thank you for making the difference.
We were very pleased with the outcome of the intervention and with the impact that Beverley Pieterse and her colleagues had on our team. Our people came away with a New energy and mindset that will assist our process of transforming the department Into a business.
I was blown away by the course – good fun, incredibly worthwhile, interesting, interactive, well run and a course that I would highly recommend. Bev, the owner took the course, but she is located in Johannesburg. Alison Titmas, as I understand, will be running the courses in Cape Town. I am going to give Alison your email address
Everyone needs this, young and old!!
This will definitely make me change my attitude to a positive one and assist others to do the same!!
Thank you for the training today. It was excellent. Attached herewith is a group photo. Is it OK by you if I produce a short POSITIVE article for TEBA Times.
Bev herself exudes a passion for people and assists in building a ‘changed’ way of approaching work. Traincrew is building Brand Ambassadors, ensuring enthusiasm and excitement through the repositioning. An unintended benefit of this training is a workforce of Sales People! This is not an easy feat in any business, and we’re therefore committed to retaining Traincrews’ services post repositioning. The best one day intervention, money well worth spent. Excellent training session.